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THE PORTSIDE. . has been serving fresh seafood and gourmet entrees in a spectacular setting to local residents and tourists visiting the Bay Area since the early 1960's. Then the "Holiday House", the restaurant was well known for having the freshest seafood in the Bay Area. In 1977 the name was changed to the Trawler but the high standard of quality service remained. The name "Portside" was adopted in 1979. In 1983 the Tang family purchased the "Portside" continuing a tradition of fine gourmet dining. In order to improve and maintain the highest quality standards,they also purchased a fishing boat of their own to deliver the freshest seafood right to your table. The "Portside I" did deliver fresh, crab, salmon, halibut and bottom fish directly to the restaurant until June 2, 1986 when it sank one mile off the Charleston Bar. Subsequently, the restaurant concentrated on what they do best and the daily delivery of fresh seafood is left to the finest local fishing fleet in Charleston Harbor. In addition to the fresh seafood menu selections, Gourmet and Northwest cuisine along with prime rib and steak specialties are offered. On another eventful bit of history, the "Portside"was totally rebuilt for your dining pleasure when on October 5, 1993 a kitchen fire closed down the restaurantand lounge for twenty nine days. People from near and far still come to experience what the"Portside" has to offer, a unique dining experience of the freshest seafood from the Pacific Oceanstraight to your table. Dining at the "Portside" offers a pleasurable experience not soon to be forgotten.
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